Pre-registration for teen/tween yoga at Foodog Yoga Petaluma

Yoga for kids aged 10-15! 

The yoga will be gentle; a little movement mixed with restorative poses and meditation. The focus is on the kids relaxing, breathing and experiencing an introduction to mindfullness. 

IMPORTANT: This is not kids yoga - dont expect play and games; instead this is an actual yoga & meditation class for tweens and teens. It is therefore important that the kids 1) wants to be there 2) understand the premises of the class and 3) Can display a fair level of behavioral maturity (i.e. if your 10 year old is very “young” and immature for their age.. this might not be the right class for him/her).

It is important that this is a calm, safe environment. Disruptive and/or anti-social behavior is not appropriate and can lead to exclusion from future classes.

Limited spaces available! 

When: Wednesdays 2.15pm - 3.15pm

Where:  FooDog Yoga, 490 2nd Street, Petaluma 

How: NO DROP IN! Pre-register below  

Classes are $10 per class if sign up for full month or $15 for 1 class and space is limited

NOTE Classes takes place Wednesdays 2.15 pm - 3.15pm at FooDog Yoga, 490 2nd Street, Petaluma, but are run independently by Nina Jarnum Yoga

Any questions please contact Nina:


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