Nina is a North California based teacher registered with Yoga Alliance (ERYT200, RYT500, YACEP),  trained in the  Hatha tradition by Shane Davies and Smart Flow with Annie Carpenter. Always seeking a deeper understanding of yoga and movement, she is continuously adding to her training.

Although Danish born and raised, her yoga journey started over a decade ago whilst living in England, as a means to counteract the impact,  years of high level horse riding had on her body. A few years later, having moved to California,  she discovered her  talent (and obsession) for arm balances and inversions, and the road to becoming a yoga teacher became a natural development from then on.

Nina is a self-confessed anatomy geek, but likes bending the rules and challenge yoga dogma. Her approach to asana is based  on bio-mechanic intelligence and she is known for her ability to break down handstands and arm balances, teaching students anatomically correct body engagement. Nina works from the principle that asana is a union of strength, flexibility, balance and breath, but also thinks it imperative to inject playfulness and fun into her practice and teaching.

"My teaching is all about personal empowerment, developing body intelligence and creating awe, amazement and gratefulness for your own body and its capabilities.  I want to give my students strong safe practices, which includes  them understanding and respecting their unique body. I work from the concept that we are all our own guru: my job as a teacher is to introduce you to your own power."